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The Russian Iris Society

Welcome to the website of the Russian Iris Society (RIS)!

The aim of the Society is the development and improvement of culture of iris in Russia.

Russian Iris Society:

- engaged in the development of breeding and popularization of the best varieties;
- organizes the irises Exhibitions and Competitions (external tests) and the Congresses of iris growers;
- publishes the annual Bulletin "Irises of Russia" and other printed materials for the iris of the subject;
- conducts annual symposia (surveys on the popularity of the varieties) in different classes of irises;
- provides its members assistance in the purchase of planting material and seeds of irises, provides them with tutoring and counseling on all aspects of irising;
- conducts registration of cultivars of irises;
- maintains and develops contacts with foreign iris societies.

Russian Iris Society was founded 23 years ago (registered in 16.11.1992 called the IPO "Общество ирисоводов"). It currently brings together about a hundred fans of irises from different regions of Russia and other countries. Look forward to your joining the Society!

Please contact us via:
E. mail address:
Contact phone: 8-916-303-10-58

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